Sixth Grade

November 20, 2020


Username: studentid2020

Password: cvcscratch

Animate a Name!

1.Students need to go to the library webpage. It can be found in the CVC folder in the top LH corner of their chromebooks. Click on Grade Levels-6th Grade.

2.Next, they should click on the Scratch link to Login. If they didn’t save their sign in information, their username is their ARnumber2020, and the password is cvcscratch.

3.Students should click on the My Stuff folder in the top right hand corner of scratch. Their Animate a Name Starter Project should be there. Click See Inside.

4. Next, students should go back to the library webpage, and click on the Animate a Name icon. This will take them to the webpage with the How to Videos. They should scroll down to view them. While watching the videos, they should make edits to their Scratch project.

5.Requirements: Students should watch at least 3 videos and incorporate the skills that they learned into their projects. Students need to use at least 5 sprites (letters or other characters) for their projects.

Finished? Students may finish up any older lessons on Clever/ that they need to finish. If done with that as well, they may read a book.

How to Check Out Books!

Where is my child's Username number??
Check Library homepage for info!

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