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AR at a glance
(or Accelerated Reader) is one way we encourage 1st-6th grade students in their reading! Students read a book that has the AR red book sticker on the spine  (or a book title that can be found in the Find AR books blue button to the left) Then after reading the book, students take a short quiz on it which helps to earn them points.

*Students may take these AR quizzes at home!

Quiz Link:

Where is my child's AR username #?
*All students were given a yellow laminated ID card to take home and use at school.*
AR Password?
(lowercase first, middle, last initials)

AR # using CAV FACTS
You can also find the AR number (Student ID is the same number) by using the CavFACTS app.

Download the
CavFACTS app

*Click on My Family

*Under Family Members,

click down arrow to find

child's name.

There you will find your child's ID number. Your child will use this same ID number every year!

AR Points
*Students are given rewards for reaching Point Club milestones. They earn points by taking quizzes on books they have read.
AR points will be checked  first thing Monday mornings. (Any quizzes taken on Monday will count toward the following week.)
Certificates will be made for the past week at that time and handed out in library the following week. 

Certificate Levels:
25 AR Points
50 AR Points
100 AR Points
Me N Ed's Pizza
250 AR Points
Bravo Farms $15 Gift Card
500 AR Points
$20 Amazon Gift Card
Top Points in the School
Peter Toms Award